Auxillary Equipments

Ldo Burners Tyre Steel Wire Remover Machine Chimney Scrubber System with Waste Water Evaporation System
Pyrolysis oil replace the external fuel which produce fly-ash and black smoke and through Pyrolysis. We can generate the pre heating period without dirty smoke with a less pre heating period. Steel Wire Removing Machine With 40 Ton Power Pack Piston & 5HP ABB Motor. Waste Water Evaporating System works for Waste Water Disposal with recommended Device , in that hydrocarbon gas order and its wash with water and absorbed through ceramic pipe.
Auto Feeder Hydraulic Cutter  Material Handling Screw 
Auto-feeder works with 40 tons hydraulic pressure. Which can press material into reactor, even whole tyre can be easily feed into the reactor without any problem. Hydraulic Cutter help to cut the Redial Tyre (with Steel) in four pieces with 25 MM Carbon Steel Blade. It has 45 Ton Pressure capacity power pack system to cut Radial Tyre & made up with 16 MM MS Plate. Material Handling Screw for removal of carbon black from the reactor after pyrolysis process 18 feet long and jacketed
Carbon Briquetting Machine  Oil Water Separator Tank Extra Gas Storage Device for Pyrolysis Plant Batch Type Plant 
Carbon Briquetting Machine turns Carbon Black in to Carbon Coal, with Maximum 10 Ton/ 20 Hours Capacity, It has using Inactivated Carbon Black & Pyrolysis Carbon with Binder. Oil Water Separator Tank has function for Separating of Water from Oil (Which Exist in Oil), There is Indication view pipeline so it can easily indicate that in tapper cone of tank water contain is connected by gravitation force and that water is going to evaporate by chimney scrubber system with waste water It can Store Extra Gas in to Extra Gas Storage Device Balloon for heating next Pyrolysis process with 200 Cubic Meter Capacity it self.
Tyre Sidewall Cutting Machine    
Tyre Cutter Machine for Three Piece cutting of Tyre. Its consist of Fabrication Body with Blade 300x38x2 Nos. with Helical Gear box & 5HP Electric Motor.    

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