Gas Balloon


  • Balloon fabric tensile strength is 550 Which means it can survive for long period without maintenance and no leakage of break is possible
  • Blower is twin lobe hard chrome nickel platted on every internal part which comes in contact with gas Helps to stop corrosion of internal parts
  • Blower comes with attached 5 HP motor Helps to give 50 m3 per hour flow rate and required pressure
  • Motor is flameproof Provides extra safety feature, 0% chances of any fire
  • Buffer storage System is provided Which helps to stabilize gas pressure and provides gas to pyrolysis reactor at a constant rate Over pressure under pressure regulation system( Complete Stainless steel body)
  • Provided helps to regulate the pressure automatically without any human interference
  • Nylon net is provided with the balloon for support which helps to keep balloon at a safe height

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